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About OmniGlass SCT

OmniGlass was originally formed in 1983 when founder Laurie Davies recognized a need and an opportunity for a better material in the window and door manufacturing industry.  Laurie pioneered the use of pultrusion technology to create complex window profiles and born were the industry leading Pultrusion Fiberglass Lineals that are still available today.

It was through partnerships and expansion that OmniGlass became globally recognized in the world of fiberglass fenestration product.  Having produced over 130 million feet of fiberglass lineals and over 500 different window and door profiles OmniGlass SCT continues to be an industry leader and innovator.

New Ownership

Structural Composite Technologies (SCT) purchased the assets and intellectual properties of OmniGlass in 2012.  Partners John Zadro and Leroy Dankochik came together to form OmniGlass SCT.  John, President of SCT, brings a keen enthusiasm, a state of the art production facility, and a company with a wealth of experience in fiberglass component construction.  Leroy, GM of both the former and newly formed companies brings the steady stewardship of the past.

As the new company looks forward to reach even greater heights than ever before, they have first assured the foundation of the past.   Former CEO and founder Laurie Davies continues to play an integral role with the operation and the key former employees needed to keep making the best fiberglass lineals in the business are also a part of the new OmniGlass SCT.


200-100 Hoka Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2C 3N2

Tel: 1-204-987-8522
Fax: 1-204-222-5411

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