Omniglass SCT is pleased to announce the rehiring of a key former Omniglass employee, Jordan Ferrone.

Jordan had joined Omniglass in 2011 as the Technical Services Analyst where he took on responsibilities such as product design, project management, technical sales and production support.  He was also the key contact and main representative in the AAMA certification program.

Jordan brings with him many years of industry experience with excellence in manufacturing processes.  As a Certified Engineering Technologist, his previous experience has given him the ability to excel in the automotive, aerospace and hi-tech industries where he has gained invaluable knowledge that will prove rewarding for Omniglass SCT.

In this new position, Jordan will be responsible for Engineering and Technical Sales and is eager to start reconnecting with familiar contacts as well as cultivating new relationships with prospective partners.

Feel free to contact Jordan directly by email at or by phone at 1-204-668-9320 Ext. 203 for any inquiries.

Welcome back Jordan!

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At GlassBuild, OmniGlass SCT held a contest where one of our lucky entrants would win a brand new iPad. We’re happy to announce that winner today.

Congratulations to our winner! Sam Bryant, from PGT Custom Windows, Doors and Enclosure Systems.

Thanks to everyone that came to see us at GlassBuild and thanks to everyone that entered to win an iPad!

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OmniGlass SCT went on the road recently, heading out to Philadelphia, PA for GlassBuild 2013, which took place in Atlanta, GA.

GlassBuild brought together industry experts in the glass, window and door field for a symposium which included a trade show, forums and several educational sessions. Participants came from across North America for this convention and OmniGlass was proud to be a part of the four days of activities.

OmniGlass’s OmniCor and PVC Stiffeners/Reinforcements got the most attention at our booth. We look forward to connecting back with the individuals who we met with on the show floor.


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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (January 14, 2013) – One of Canada’s leading manufacturers of fiberglass for window and door frames has been reborn one year after fire destroyed its predecessor. Omniglass SCT began work on new  fiberglass pultruded frames and components in November 2012, at their new location inside Structural Composite Technologies’ state-of-the-art composite plant in Winnipeg.

Omniglass SCT was formed by partners John Zadro, president of Structural Composite
Technologies, who will be president of the new company, and Leroy Dankochik, general manager of both the predecessor and the new companies. Together they purchased the assets, including the patents and processes of Omniglass, a successful Winnipeg business that was destroyed by fire a year ago. Omniglass SCT has hired 10 former employees, including Laurie Davies, founder and former CEO of Omniglass, to assist with sales and business development.

“We are bringing back a respected name in fiberglass to the North American window and door industry,” said Zadro. “We are returning Omniglass SCT to what it did best: designing and manufacturing the best fiberglass components possible for windows and doors.”

Fiberglass windows and doors are rising in popularity because of their superior structural
strength, thermal resistance and paintability. They have been grabbing increasing marketshare in commercial construction (where they qualify for coveted LEED environmental certification) as well as the residential market where quality, durability and aesthetics are increasingly important.

“Omniglass SCT has a strong, respected brand name in the window and door industry as well as valuable designs and patents,” said Zadro. “We have pledged to restore the company’s reputation of winning business with high quality, on time production. Our motto is: we don’t make windows, we make them better. We have already signed several deals with window and door manufacturers, including many former clients, who always appreciated the quality of Omniglass products.”

Omniglass SCT will do business alongside privately-owned Structural Composite Technologies. Founded in 1961, Structural Composite Technologies custom fabricates fiberglass equipment for multiple industries: mining, chemical, utilities, wind energy, transportation, and construction industries throughout North America.

For more information, please contact us.

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