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OmniGlass are Pioneers in fibreglass pultutions for the Window & Door industry. OmniGlass first introduced pultruded fiberglass profiles in 1983 with our proprietary system. OmniGlass, sales reps have the complete support of ownership to ensure the working relationship between you, your client and OmniGlass, is a lasting one.


Proprietary in-feed system ensures consistent quality for thin wall, complex, non-symmetrical FRP profiles to keep scrap rate well below the industry norm


Multiple pultrusion machines have run many miles of FRP profiles for over 35 years


OmniGlass does NOT build windows, we help our Clients build better windows

Why rep OmniGlass products?

  • Quality product consistency
  • Presence at national W&D shows
  • In-house Engineering analysis services
  • Central location for North America coast to coast supply
  • Provide complete export & import documentation

1. Client custom window & door profiles

  • Work with Client to optimize profile design
  • Work with Clients for profile annual requirements of 5,000 up to 1M ft
  • Snap-in, clip, screw boss designs to Client specifications
  • Competitive pricing on Die costs
  • Client dies are stored and maintained by OmniGlass as required

2. Fiberglass reinforcement (for vinyl profiles)

  • FEA Engineering for matching deflection of fiberglass vs current steel or aluminum reinforcing
  • Superior thermal performance to steel and aluminum for improved window performance
  • Customize profile to meet Client specific needs
  • Partial die funding with up to a 2-year amortization available

3. Sills and thresholds

  • Thermal conductivity Aluminum vs Fiberglass = 700:1
  • Warm to foot traffic and compliment to warm fiberglass door panel
  • Pigment resin throughout requires NO painting – wearing shows consistent color
  • Cut to Client specified lengths (within tolerance)
  • CNC Fabrication (drill, notch, countersink) for direct to assembly installation
  • Installation of screen track for assembly installation

4. OmniGlass Patio Door System

  • OmniGlass developed fibreglass patio door system
  • Clients have achieved up to a PG rating of 60
  • Structurally suitable for large door panel sizes
  • Profiles have 60%+ glass content gives thermal expansion/contraction comparable to glass – maintaining seals
  • Available in kitted sizes ready for assembly

5. OmniGlass Window & Door System

  • Sureview window system is open for interested fabricators
  • System suitable for both residential and commercial performance
  • Designed to handle both double and triple pane glass packs
  • Complete system available with specified supplements
  • Injected corner system that replaces and performs superior to mechanical corner key

6. Fiberglass Curtain Wall

  • Substantial improved thermal performance of fiberglass over aluminum
  • Fiberglass curtain wall

7. Polyurethane reinforcement (for vinyl profiles)

  • Polyurethane profiles available for custom applications
  • Superior screw retention

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