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OmniGlass SCT Products

  • Quality for leadership in Energy and Environment Design [LEED] Certification.
  • Create a much higher glass loading due to our patented system, resulting in 50% higher-than-industry-standard material strength.
  • Are available in custom profiles and may have a painted or laminate finish.

Not all pultruded fiberglass is created equally. Are your fiberglass window and door profiles of the highest quality today?

OmniGlass SCT delivers the most technically advanced and highest quality Fiberglass components for windows and doors to markets across North America and beyond.

Major producers are manufacturing larger windows and highly energy efficient systems with fiberglass. The thermal movement coefficient for fiberglass is very similar to glass (because it’s made from glass).

This means that, as windows expand and contract with changing temperatures, there is less stress on sealant joints and gasket seals between glass and fiberglass frames as opposed to aluminium or vinyl frames. The thermal movement coefficient for vinyl can be more than 7 times greater than glass, stressing joint materials and creating opportunities for seal failure and leaks.

Sometimes referred to as the “Lumber of the Future,” Fiberglass is the ideal window frame material – no other can match its performance. 

Pultruded fiberglass has proven to be a superior material in five ways: 

  • dimensional stability 
  • thermal insulation 
  • durability 
  • aesthetics
  • “environmental friendliness” 

Client Custom Window & Door Profiles

  • Work with client to optimize profile design
  • Work with clients for profile annual requirements of 5,000 up to 1M ft
  • Snap-in, clip, screw boss designs to client specifications
  • Competitive pricing on die costs
  • Client dies are stored and maintained by OmniGlass as required

OmniGlass Window & Door System

  • Sureview window system is open for interested fabricators
  • System suitable for both residential and commercial performance
  • Designed to handle both double and triple pane glass packs
  • Complete system available with specified supplements
  • Injected corner system that replaces and performs superior to mechanical corner key

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficient frames have low conductivity that reduces the transfer of cold into a building. Fiberglass has a much lower conductivity than metal options; specifically, 500 times less conductive than aluminum. 

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